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Direct link and postback configuration

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First you need to have a tracker to receive notifications of successful conversions via postback. There are many different trackers.

In general, you first need to substitute the click_id value from your tracker into the direct link in your personal account on the Adsterra CPA platform.

Then please press the ADD button

Your direct link should change at the end

Next you need to copy this modified direct link by pressing this little button

Now that you have your direct link, you need to insert it into your tracker in order for it to make a new tracking link out of it, with the addition of its parameters.

You can already start sending traffic using your tracking link.

If you want to receive notifications from our platform about successful conversions to your tracker, you will also need to set up a postback.

For example, your tracker offers the following link to receive notifications:{put_your_click_id_here}

To receive notifications correctly, you need to replace




So your correct postback link will look like this

Now it remains to be inserted into the appropriate field in the offer settings

And don't forget to hit the SAVE button

Congratulations, this completes the setup, you can start sending traffic and you will receive notifications in your tracker.

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