Navigating Your Adsterra Account
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Learn what your Adsterra dashboard consists of:

At the top of every page, you will see:

  • The name of the page you are currently at;

  • Your Adsterra balance;

  • Your login, click on it to find the Profile link and Log out button.

Left-side panel helps you navigate from one page to another. Below you will find a list of pages with a brief description. They are divided into 2 sections: 'Platform' and 'Personal info'. Make sure to navigate to the related articles for more details.


Dashboard — a feed of the most important recent updates;

Statistics — a page where you can review, filter and analyse your data on your offers, impressions and payouts

Offers - the list of high-quality direct offers from our advertisers. There are two types of offers available

-Public offers (no extra moderation)

-Private offers (available after pre-moderation);

on the Global Postback page you can configure global postback and backlink settings

Personal info

Profile — your personal and payment information, and an 'Active sessions' list;

Payments — the list of your past and scheduled payouts, as well as a review of available payment systems and their conditions;

Support — your history of support tickets (if you have it);

Freebies & Bonuses — special bonuses and exclusive offers from our partners.

In the lower right corner you will find our live chat button — hit it whenever you have a question, concern or feedback. We are here for you 24/7.

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