Where to find affiliate offers?
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After you sign in, the Network redirects you to the main page of your account. It’s the Offers page where you can look through all public offers, filter, save them, and get links to use in your advertising campaign.

First, check the filters available. They allow for the fastest offer search. You can select offers by:

  • Vertical

  • GEO

  • Offer tags (exclusive, private*, new, top)

  • Conversion type (CPL, CPI, CPA, Revshare)

  • Offer ID

Select multiple items from each filter list, but make sure you remove the unnecessary ones when you don’t need them. Click RESET FILTERS to return to the default offers’ set.

* While public offers are available instantly, private offers require an additional confirmation from the affiliate manager. You can apply by clicking the “Request for a Link” button. Usually, applications are reviewed within an hour, but sometimes you may need to wait a few hours. You can speed up the process by completing a short survey that hits your inbox along with the “Confirm email” letter.

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