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Getting started with Adsterra CPA Network
How to get offers from the CPA Network
How to get offers from the CPA Network
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Read through the descriptions and select an offer that suits you best. With public offers, you get the link to advertise immediately.

Click the GET LINK button on any public offer and look through requirements.

First, check the general information and read through the restrictions. Here you can also look at the offer’s preview, find whether it comes with a pre-lander or not and if you’re allowed to add creatives or not.The most vital info is the conversion flow, which you'll need to comply with to get the payout. It may be pretty simple as an app install or “1-click”, or rather complex like a deposit.

On the vertical Geos and Goals tab, you see how much the advertiser is ready to pay for conversions and what type of conversion you are going to deal with. You also see the list of GEOs whose traffic is accepted. With multiple GEOs allowed, you can see the payouts differ from country to country.

After clicking on the GET LINK button, you can copy the offer’s link to start advertising on your traffic source. But generally, affiliate marketers use tracking systems to manage all conversions and control spending. Thus, they operate with Postback URLs and tracking tokens. Affiliates also profit from backlinks that protect them from budget losses. Let’s take a look at those parameters a bit closer.

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