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👉 Our statistics update within every 10 minutes. It might be a bit slower during peak hours.

Navigate to the Statistics page from the left-hand menu to access your statistics.

Filtering your Statistics

The default settings for your Statistics are all data across all websites and placements (unless you are viewing website- or placement-specific statistics from the Websites page) for the last 5 days by date:

You can tweak the following filters:

  • Country

  • Domain and Placement

  • Start and finish date (there are also presets that show statistics for yesterday, last 7 and 30 days)

The 'Group by' filter allows you to track your statistics by separate parameters:

  • Date

  • Domain

  • Placement

  • Country

  • Device format

  • Operating system

  • Browser

Viewing your Statistics

The Statistics page has the following columns:

Impressions — how many times your visitors saw the ads; note that we count an impression once the ad is fully loaded; also take into account that we do not count proxy, VPN or Tor traffic as per our advertisers' request, and that some of your visitors may be using AdBlock

The number of impressions is usually 10-15% lower than the number of your daily visitors;

Clicks — how many times the ads were clicked

Сonversions — specific actions that a user is expected to perform on the offer page. In the context of affiliate marketing, the conversion is the desired outcome that an advertiser pays a fee for

Revenue — how much money you earned; note that it's rounded to 3 digits after zero, while your balance has only two, so until you earn $1 your balance may not always show your full revenue.

Analysing Your Statistics

Applying filters may help you analyse your ads' performance more deeply. Here are some examples.

To see how traffic from a particular GEO performs, you need to choose this country in the 'Country' filter and click 'Apply'.

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